Living Worthy of the Boy You Will Someday Marry

One of the biggest benefits of raising kids is being able to enjoy your posterity. “Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your children,” the saying goes. Having a righteous posterity is mentioned in the scriptures several times, as well as in conference talks. It is a fundamental in Mormon doctrine.

So, raising young men to be righteous fathers is an important theme in the church. Pres. Hinckley’s talk, “Living Worthy of the Girl You Will Someday Marry” does a good job instructing young men to become good husbands and fathers. I was looking for a similar talk for girls, and had a hard time finding one. So, I decided to write my thoughts about raising our young women to be righteous wives and mothers.

First, I see far too many parents in the church pushing their daughters into getting a good career. Unfortunately, career girls make really bad wives and mothers, if they can ever slow down enough to actually find time to get married in the first place. Most men seek after a career that will help support their family. Most women seek after a career that will help build their ego. Both men and women are guilty of spending too much time developing a career, and often sacrifice their kids’ needs in the process. This is especially damaging to kids who come home from a day at indoctrination camp school, find no parents home and continue to indoctrinate themselves with TV, Facebook, and porn. (FYI, most kids start their porn addiction when they come home to an empty house, while mom and dad are away working.)

I know, feminists will tell you about all of the studies (done by feminists) that prove that kids are better off without parents home. However, who are you going to listen to? Simple logic and your gut (ie. the spirit) telling you that you should be with your kids, or a bunch of feminists who tell you to leave them to be indoctrinated?

Not only are career girls bad mothers, but they also elevate their ego by thinking that their education makes them more attractive to men. It doesn’t. Since a woman will only marry up, the more she elevates her ego, the fewer men she will consider as potential mates. Pushing your daughters career is a good way to make sure you hear about how “there are no good men left” throughout all of your daughter’s fertile years.

Second, far too many parents let their daughters live a life of gluttony. I know you need some tact here because you don’t want your daughter to have an eating disorder, but letting your daughter get fat is bad news for her marriage prospects. Eating disorders are probably caused by all of the indoctrination devices you freely let your daughter use. I doubt that parents telling their kids to eat healthy and get exercise will give a girl an eating disorder. Setting a good example is key here. If you or your wife is fat, telling your daughter to be skinny while you pork out and be lazy is not going to go over well.

Set a good example, and make your daughters (and sons) get plenty of exercise and provide healthy meals for your kids. Limit junk food. I know it is hard to do if mommy is too busy building up her ego in a cubicle somewhere pretending to be important, instead of shopping for healthy ingredients and cooking healthy meals. (Let’s see feminist do a study on what kids eat while both parents are working.)

Third, they allow their daughters unlimited use of their indoctrination devices phones and social media. This can be hard, and I am yet to fight this battle with one of my daughters. But you are their parent, and you DO have the right to control what they do online (at least until they turn 18). At very least put time limits on their phone and social media, and make sure you find a way to see every text and social media post. If you don’t, don’t be surprised to find out your “precious sweet innocent daughter” passes nude photos of herself to the school alpha bad boy.

Fourth, parents fail to teach their daughters about how their sex drive works, and how to control it. Men are constantly instructed on how to control their sex drives. It’s hard to blame men for this, because they don’t even know what makes their wife hot. But you have to tell your daughter that she will have no problem controlling her urges for the nice beta boys. However, the alpha bad boys will get her going really fast. Hopefully, you can help your daughter realize what her biology is programmed to do, so she can learn how to control it.

Fifth, by failing to teach about the potential sex has in creating lasting happiness in a marriage and only teaching that sex is bad, they essentially put a chastity belt on their daughter. Unfortunately, her new husband won’t have the key, but the alpha bad boy will. Parents need to teach the full truth about sex and attraction.

Sixth, parents let their daughter, and sometimes even push their daughter, to treat boys badly. Popular culture demea

Finally, parents (and fathers especially) pedestalize their daughters. Just because your daughter has a vagina doesn’t mean squat. ALL GIRLS HAVE THEM. It isn’t some great accomplishment. Girls are not more “naturally spiritual” than men. Yes, there are differences in men and women, both genders have their faults. Failing to call your daughter to repentance just because she was born female is a horrible sin that does neither of you any good.

If your “little princess” is wrapped around your finger so much that “she can do no wrong,” then how can you possible parent her? Pedestalizing your wife is a good way to kill her attraction for you. Pedestalizing your daughter is even worse. It lets your wife know that you are such a wuss, that she will avoid even a remote chance of actually producing more offspring with you.


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