How to find a good wife

In my previous post, I discussed if Mormon Men should still consider getting married now that Marriage 2.0 is in full effect. After educating yourself on the risks you will be taking when you get married, and removing a majority of LDS girls off of your list, you might be thinking that there are not any good girls left. However, there are a few hidden gems still out there. In this post, I want to give some general advice to help you find one of the few remaining good LDS girls. Hopefully, since most young men will let the chemical rush in their brains do their picking, you will be able to use your logical brain to pick out the hidden gems.

First of all, you need to have realistic expectations; you need to know your Marriage Market Value (MMV). Knowing how valuable women see you can be painful, but useful information. If you don’t have girls chasing you down all the time, it probably isn’t too high. However, learning game and getting into good shape will definitely help. You have to play the long game here. You need time to build muscles and build a strong frame (6 months to a year). Use this time to observe gender dynamics in your ward. Who are the slutty girls and how do they act? Who are the attention seekers? Who are the 1 or 2 guys in the ward that all the girls want? What qualities do they have that create this attraction? What do guys do that causes them to crash and burn? As you learn game, you will be able to accurately predict girls reactions. Hopefully you will be able to practice overcoming the chemical rushes in your head as you interact with girls, and see them as they really are.

If you are a super alpha 10, then you might be able to attract the hottest girls around. But remember, girls always want to marry up. So if you pick a 9 you have to be a 10, and continue being a 10 even after you marry. You will have a much better chance at attracting a 7, and then make her an 8 or 9.

So after you have learned game, and improved yourself, I would look for a cute but shy girl in the 7 range. Make sure you vet her for anything that indicates she not be good wife material. Make sure she is feminine, mentally stable, not a feminist or a liberal, wants to be a stay-at-home mom, and is willing to work hard. Vet her background as much as possible. Check out her social media accounts for anything suspicious. I wouldn’t be scared of RM girls, especially now that most girls are going on a mission, but if her mission gives her some sort of feeling of superiority that could be a warning sign. If she hasn’t gone on a mission, you should probably find out why not. Is she selfish and didn’t want to give up her time to serve? Does she have medical problems (mental problems)?

Next, apply your game and attract her. Don’t just take her on standard, run of the mill, dinner and a movie dates. Hopefully, you can take her to enjoy some of your hobbies (but not your main hobby). You should have a main hobby that is too manly for her. Make sure you have a strong frame and she knows it.

Girls like to follow strong men. Even though she will be brainwashed into the feminine-primary social order, you can lead her out. Point out some observations you have noticed. Slowly teach her the red pill WITHOUT pointing her to websites. Bring up articles where women falsely accuse men of rape, point out how women at BYU want to behave bad without a consequence.  Be really slow or you might freak her out. You should see her start adopting a red pill attitude without even know what the red pill is. Remember, girls will naturally follow good strong men. If she is good marriage material, you will see her adopt your thoughts and attitudes.

So the overall plan is 1) Improve yourself and build your MMV. 2) Find a girl who doesn’t know how cute she can be. 3) Undue the feminine-primary indoctrination by leading her out. 4) She will grow in confidence, hopefully pick up your fit lifestyle and become hot. 4) Vet her like crazy for anything that shows potential marriage stopping qualities. 5) Get Engaged. 6) Vet her for symptoms of good girl syndrome. Remember it is protecting her, but make sure she can easily adopt a sex positive attitude once married. Make sure she knows that you will be having lots of sex and that she is okay with it. 7) Marry her. 8) Cure her of any remaining good girl syndrome. 8) Have kids and live a happy life.

I know it is a lot harder than it sounds. The key is picking out a girl unaware of her potential value, and then develop her into the perfect wife. Here are some good signs you are on the right track. 1) Your friends and roommates will be a little surprised you picked her to ask on a date. Not too shocked (like “Wow! you are asking the ward fattie on a date.” shocked), but more like “huh, why her?” As you progress in your relationship, your roommates will soon start to show respect and admiration for you, as they start to see how great of a girl you have gotten (or made).

There are several other strategies you can employ, and this is only one way to approach your dating life. In todays post-feminist world, this strategy could be your best bet. Good luck, and don’t get kicked out of college as you sexually harass ask a girl out.


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