Alpha Parenting Move: Getting your 4 year old dressed

You know the struggle you have in getting your 4-year-old dressed. Here is an easy way to have him dress himself (once he is capable).

  1. Find out his favorite toy and talk about how great it is and how much you want one.
  2. Get his clothes laid out next to him and keep talking about the toy and how much you want it.
  3. Mention, I know, if I get you dressed you will owe me something, and I think I will take your toy (in a joking way).
  4. Get “distracted” and leave. ie – “oh, I forgot to brush my teeth”.
  5. Come back to a smiling, proud, dressed 4 year-old talking about how you cannot have his toy.

Job done, no fighting, a lot of fun had for you and your kid.


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